Please provide a torrent download solution

I am downloading the iso from this website. I am located in Norway and I use Firefox on Windows 10.
My internet speed is 10 MB/S, yet the download of Clear Linux is as slow as 400 KB/s.

Please provide a torrent solution so that downloading the ISO will be faster, and that in case of internet lagging out we can just keep downloading without re-starting from 0.

Our images change every day, which makes seeding torrents for them almost useless. Instead, our CDN needs to be fixed instead. We’re trying to get this issue resolved, of course.

I understand. I thank you for being so much active in the forums and replying to everyone.
Hope you have a nice day.

Can’t you always just update the OS? Also, if you have a working image, could you maybe upload to a file host where people can download it from while you’re working on getting the CDN fixed? Pretty please? :pray:

Edit: I discovered that the desktop release of 32270 is also available on the high seas / twitter.

Hi, I would like to also propose the idea that Intel Clear Linux could have a net installer that just downloads necessary bundles from the repositories as needed. Then most of the effort could be focused on keeping the repositories super fast which would be great for both current and new users.

I think this would take a some of strain off the main download servers.

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I think there’s a case for torrents created with webseeds ( and with the webseed pointing to the CDN.
It just provides the option, and might be faster/more convenient for certain people.

I’ve created a little python script to automatically create torrent files with the CDN iso as a webseed.
This is a really early draft, but so far it seems to work as intended.
Contributions welcomed :smile:

Even if you get the ISO via torrent it’s not going to speed up all the gigabytes of data you need to download and update during the install which for some of us is stuck at 400KB/sec or less.

It’s not practical for a single desktop let alone multiple computer deployment.