Post your Clearlinux download speed/time?

  1. Clear Linux live desktop ISO from their CDN server. 2.7GB

  1. Mint Linux desktop ISO from their Worldwide EvoWise CDN server. 1.9GB

  1. Location and ISP
  1. 2 Hours 27 Mins - 316kB/sec average

  2. Just over 1 Minute - 36 MB/sec average

  3. London UK -Virginmedia

You should not compare HTTP downloads with HTTPS downloads - All our content is HTTPS hosted.

Both CDN links are now HTTPS

The Mint download is the same speed ( it maxes out my line ) but Clearlinux ISO has got worse at 200kB/sec or less with a 4 hour finish time.

Comparison of speeds for you, since you wanted it @Lucapz:

Screen Shot 0032-02-08 at 00.49.26

(I can’t post more than one image, but it took > 1 hour to download Clear Linux Server 32270)

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Nice Line speed, that must have shot across. :slight_smile:

  1. 43m 51s - 1.04MB/s (usual speed to CL CDN over past 6 months)
  2. 11m 48s - 2.74MB/s (~ full line speed)
  3. Sydney - Future Broadband
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I don’t ever remember being able to download Clearlinux any faster than about 40mins myself and as @0xA1B2 said in another thread it doesn’t help with swupd updates.

When you consider the time to download the ISO and all the updates an packages that people have to download during their first install it can take hours.

Most modern distro’s you can download and install in 20mins or less and that includes writing the USB. :slight_smile:

With Aria2:

  1. 2m14.961s - 20MiB/s
  2. 1m21.765s - 22Mib/s
  3. South Carolina US - Spectrum

What speed do you get with a standard single thread download as clearlinux updates doesn’t use a multi-connection download client like Aria2?


Have you heard back from CDN as it’s still taking hours to download?

I heard nothing today, sorry.

That’s unusually bad service from them considering you’re paying them and it’s not like this is a new problem as sunnyflunk said above it’s been subpar for ages.

How many more weeks months do we need to report these unusable speeds before they do something about it?

Sort of ironic that the fastest desktop linux has the slowest download / install and update speeds. :slight_smile:

I’m not directly in contact with them. This sort of thing goes through 5 layers of indirection, and so I’m trying to avoid putting the blame in any hands right now. All I know is that folks are looking into it, and, there has been no further update.

I do know speeds were ~300KB/sec and now we’re up to 8MB/sec, so, something drastically improved, but, it’s still not sufficient.

Honestly, I’ve considered forking the updater and replacing curl with aria2, It’s what I use as an agent for every other distro.


I’m still stuck on less than 400KB/sec , my friend who is on a completely different ISP is stuck on less 400KB/sec and he even tried to download the ISO on his 5G phone which maxed out at about 360KB/sec.

ManJaro, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint , Fedora and Solus ISO’s all downloaded in a few minutes.

I’ve asked for an update on the topic - thanks for repeating the check - that is useful info and I’ve passed it through.

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Just updated the first link from 32270 to 32330 and i’m currently getting 1.5MB/sec with a 30min finish time.

I am downloading from Jakarta, Indonesia. I tried to download the image several times by now. It takes many hours to completely download the desktop ISO. The process is still ongoing after about 5 hours. My internet connection here is reasonably fast at 10Mbps. It would be great if the iso could be made available as a torrent download or from some other mirrors.


I thought they had fixed it but it’s slow here again in London UK.

I just don’t get it as you can download Debian 10 via network install which is twice the size , do a key exchange and verify the entire download and packages and install it in 20mins or less. Clearlinux you spend hours downloading ISO followed by an hour verifying the install which i have never seen before on any distro.

It’s currently not practical.