Problems with Dual monitor setup

I have installed clear linux Desktop. It seems to work with a single monitor, but when I add a second monitor the cursor starts stuttering and jumping around the screens. Has anyone had this issue? My computer is an NUC5CPYH I have one monitor connected to the VGA port and one connected to the HDMI port.

i use 2 monitors without any problems
(wish i could figure it out how to install it even)

Are you in CLI or Desktop environment?

If x is running then…

Are the monitors from the same manufacturer? Are they same size & frequency? Is display setting in mirror mode?

Either way xrandr or Arandr (gui) could be run to control display settings

I have two monitors both 27’ Samsung no issues at all. Can even use laptop with open lid

I am running the desktop environment. Monitors are the same make and model. I am using single screen mode(Extended -Mode).
I am thinking that running one off of the VGA port and one of the HDMI port could be the issue, although I have done that with other computers.
My next step is to upgrade the BIOS of the NUC to see if that helps. Thanks for your insights.

If you have display port 1.2 and later, you can try to daisy-chain your monitors.

Using both vga and HDMI ports should not be the cause. Because other people also do that.

Still no luck. It seems as though the Vga does not want to cooperate.
the NUC I have only has one HDMI out and one VGA out for displays.
oddly enough, when I connect the second monitor (VGA) the display sees it and shows the second display on the configuration screen with the correct model. I can then apply the screen settings and the cursor will travel off the edge of screen “1”(HDMI Display) to the left as if it is moving to display “2” (VGA Display) but the screen remains black with “no signal” message.
I did install Arandr as suggested but changing the setting using it made no difference.
I suspect this may be an intel video driver issue. Any suggestions on next steps to troubleshoot the issue?

Open a GitHub issue then. I’m sure there are developers having a NUC so they could investigate this.

I will do that. thank you @doct0rHu

does clear linux have a bundle that includes “read-edid”, “get-edid” and “parse-edid”?

Can you try getting EDID info with xrandr? There is a Parse-EDID perl module in the perl-extras bundle.