Request for Custom Clear Linux Distro - Nvidia support

This is not a matter of windows being better than linux. This is a matter of a certain graphics card and set of drivers being supported and working out of the box on windows due to a commercial partnership. Would it be better if you could just as easily get it working on your favorite flavor of linux? Of course! We are most of us here pretty big fans of linux and many of us are capable and willing to fight the good fight, but not at any cost. I mean c’mon, some us spend time on the clock and have professional obligations.

Not to mention lives outside of that.

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2080 Ti has been supported for one and half year now. You shouldn’t need the proprietary driver to get into the graphical environment.

Just make a pull-request draft first and list the operations and more importantly the commands you had. I will take a look.

I do not fight any fights; I am a computer user. And from my experience, Nvidia cards work out of the box in Linux. May be not with Clear, but if you try Pop OS, or Linux Mint or even Ubuntu, Nvidia cards work just out of the box.

I successfully installed Nvidia Driver (gtx 1080 ti) without using any scripts and tutorials from CL team.
Just disable the nouveau driver by this
sudo mkdir /etc/modprobe.d
printf “blacklist nouveau \noptions nouveau modeset=0 \n” | sudo tee --append /etc/modprobe.d/disable-nouveau.conf

and enable nvidia-drm

printf “options nvidia-drm modeset=1” | sudo tee --append /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf.


sudo sh


You didn’t build the dkms module, so you need to re-install the driver every time the kernel upgrades.

So what? It’s not big problem. Automatic OS updates disabled.
I tried to install driver with your script and by CL tutorial - no success.
And for now, for me, this is the only way to install the nvidia driver.

This one fixed some kernel 5.6 issues.

Are you sure you got the proper one ?

Latest driver from here is 450.57
and kernel 5.7.8-968.nativ

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I’ve been using Clear Linux for some time for quite awhile and haven’t had any problems. I use the script to disable the open source driver and install the proprietary hardware as so…

cd /home/ryan/Downloads
sudo sh ./

is optional if you don’t remember the name of your driver.

Everytuime it breaks just hit ctrl+f2

and do

cd /home/ryan/Downloads
sudo sh ./ --uninstall

ANd reboot and reinstall it again

Since Clear Linux is so fast it doesn’t matter.