Request for Custom Clear Linux Distro - Nvidia support


I am very new to Linux. I have tried to get clear linux to work on my computer now with its nvidia gtx 2080 ti. I wanted to see if someone is willing (I will offer to pay for the work to be done too) to make a custom release distro that already has the nvidia steps done and possibly add in one or two other packages compiled with clears compiler? I do not even care if it is released to everyone else for free as I just want to support the person who is willing to do it.

I just want to be able to load the custom distro onto a USB and have it work with the latest nvidia cards without trying to troubleshoot or find the latest instructions on how to get nvidia cards to work and disabling other features. I want to see if I can get a custom distro version where this is already done.

If someone has already done this please just let me know. Otherwise I am willing to donate to the person who is willing to do the little work needed to make sure it is done right. I also wouldn’t mind if you could add in Cinnamon Desktop as well that is compiled using the clear compiler.

Thank you!



Just use Windows and save your life.

What I gather from the forum is that Intel regrets open up to desktop linux and now do not welcome this type of friendly and completely ok request. This is a bit sad.

Regarding the question, it would be nice to have a community spin of clearlinux with optimus.

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If you ask a newbie question around here, prepare to be skewered. I put in some work on CL, but this very real problem caused me to stop working on it – it’s just not fun to be associated with a community full of snark.

To answer @David_Jackson’s question – redistribution of Clear Linux with proprietary closed-source drivers mixed in is likely to have licensing problems that nobody is going to want to take on. The core team will not be permitted to work on it, and the community of developers who have the know-how are unlikely to be helpful beyond providing some scripts.

There are some scripts to make it happen – have you tried those?


I still believe the best way you is you try at at least twice or three times, and the community can help you if there is any problem in the way.

There is already some material about this.

Maybe @doct0rHu himself can confirm if this scripts would work.

There is nothing wrong with your request, but keep in mind, if you try it and fails, you may report it and the documentation can be improved and many more people will benefit from it. That is how a community work :).

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I have tried the scripts and it only partially worked but did not work enough that I was able to enter into a desktop gui environment. I was able to follow directions about 4 months ago and got it to work but only a few times before it stopped working. I am guessing a update to the OS broke the process at some point.

I tried these scripts and it did not work. I think there must have been a update and the scripts need updated possibly.

In another answer you said you could make it work once. I am not an expert in drivers installation, but if I can remmind from previous experiences, the nvidia drivers are compiled to the present kernel and every time you update the kernel, you need to reinstall the driver. If you still have these steps, you can follow them again.

If they don’t work anymore, what about the docs from CL.

@rfkspada @David_Jackson
It is true that the script stop working as expected no later than May when we had a major GCC update.

  • There are multiple reports on CL GitHub repo and in this forum about this issue. It’s still not resolved. You may find detailed information on GitHub, specifically a issue on nvidia-drm module not found.
  • At this point, it’s still not clear why this problem occurs and how to solve it properly. One user had reported this problem to NVIDIA forum. And there are workarounds which install the driver but not as a dkms module. This is not a solution because you will need to install the driver whenever the kernel upgrades.
  • The script is still maintained by me currently. Its contents is mostly based on the CL tutorial on NVIDIA driver. I made the decision to strictly follow that tutorial and use bash scripting, because people could easily verify the consistency between the tutorial and the script.
  • Unless there’s a certainly working solution, not a workaround, I won’t update the script. If anyone found such a solution, I would update the script once it’s confirmed by multiple sources, and in addition I will make PR to our tutorial. ( I still want to make my unofficial script authentic. )

Well, now let’s set the technicals aside,

  • Why I recommend people to use Windows or another OS? Suppose you HAVE to use the proprietary driver for your jobs, it’s not practical to wait for any fixes. Just go ahead and get your job done first.
  • If you can wait or if you decide to use workarounds found by other users, you can do it yourself. The script is still helpful because it can set up many stuff. You only need to modify the very last step when it invokes the installer. ( Maybe also a few more steps )

In addition, although I won’t upgrade the script to use the workaround, I’m willing to open another branch to host workarounds temporarily. Just send me PR on GitHub.


@doct0rHu thank you very much for the context.

@doct0rHu Has a good valid point here. If you absolutely need a propietary driver for work, then it’s best to use a combonation that is supported on both ends. As far as getting an engineer to help, it’s perfectly fair to ask for help or even hIre someone to help set up a system or two, but as far building a custom distributable – it’s not really fair to ask someone to do that as there are likely to be licensing issues and you could get them in trouble.

Either way, idk that this is the best place to be soliciting such request.

Ubuntu does it, computer manufacturer System 76’s Pop OS does it and many other distros do it too, without any problems. Why not Intel’s Clear?

In this way you save Microsoft, not your life.

You are in a linux forum giving advice on Windows. If you aren’t a troll, what are you supposed to do here?

I had to find and apply so many workarounds I almost lost count. I have a fulling working up-to-date distro with NVIDIA drivers, but as @doct0rHu said, no DKMS and a lot of workarounds which are needed today but maybe not tomorrow… I really don’t find the lack of DKMS a big problem, I always had to reinstall drivers anyway at every update so IMO it just overcomplicates things (i.e. doesn’t work) without any real benefit. When I have some time I can try make a PR to @doct0rHu, but I’m not too good in bash scripting (and as I said I could likely forget a workaround or two along the way)

He didn’t tell you to uninstall Linux and just use Windows. He told you to use dual boot. Everyone with a sane mind would know that Windows is much better (and sometimes the only viable choice) for a lot of use-cases, and often those are the ones involving GUI/graphic stuff.

I tell people to use iPad for watching videos when they are struggling with H264 codecs on Clear Linux. I also tell people buy a new computer when they think GDM slows their computers down.

I believe people’s time is valuable. Unless you debug for fun, there are clearly some thresholds that tell you whether to go on tinkering or to give up is a better option.

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The only reason I wanted to use the NVIDIA Drivers is because after installing Clear Linux it will not load the desktop shell. If you know of a way to load the desktop shell with a non supported video card (2080 TI) I would be very appreciative of that information. If there is some way to get the built in 3rd party drivers to work with the 2080 TI I would also love to know.

What would you suggest at this time that I do to get Clear Linux to boot to a Desktop Shell in my situation?

I firmly believe that no one in their right mind would ever say that Windows is better than Linux. It is a well-known fact that Windows is not better than Linux in most respects. My question is: since you falsely believe that Windows is better, what are you doing in an Linux forum? There are many Windows forums where you could share your ideas.

You could look on CL Github, I posted several workarounds which you can try. Mind that your setup is very different, so I’m not sure they will actually work. But I’m pretty sure disabling DKMS is mandatory as of now.
@apostol I never liked the “civil war factions” ideology some people have (but hey, Linus Torvalds himself is like this so how can I blame you?). In Linux it’s a pain even just getting the GPU or mp4 to work, come on. I need Linux for developing, and because performance is better (especially with CL) for scientific computing (if one can get it to work, that is). I never said one OS is the best overall, depends on what you have to do. I reboot the PC and switch OS a lot every day. This is getting off-topic by the way.

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