Sendmail configuration

how does one configure sendmail on clear linux? i am familiar with sendmail and how to configure it and have a configuration i would like to use, but there is no /etc/mail directory on clear linux. where are these files located? i can see sendmail in /usr/sbin but no makemap or newaliases. or is this simply not possible yet?

Hi @Jim_Erickson, welcome to the forums. Have you tried just creating the /etc/mail directory and populating it with the config files you want?

I use msmtp, that’s simpler than sendmail, according to notmuch’s documentation.

/usr/bin/sendmail is a convention tool for local delivery. Many packages can provide it. In ClearLinux, we have msmtp provide it. There is no sendmail bundle in clearlinux. If you need to receive mail from outside of the internet, we currently do not offer this functionality. If all you need is local mails to get delivered to a local account or relayed to e.g. gmail, then msmtp is sufficient and you should read the documentation for how to set it up (man msmtp).

thank you ahkok that answers my question. i configured msmtp to relay to gmail. problem solved!