Swupd: comman not found

I’ve accidentally removed swupd and I don’t know how to install it. Don’t ask me how I removed it, I can’t remember exactly what I’ve done :joy:. Clear linux is installed on a vps which currently I can not ssh to it (apparently I’ve removed ssh server too) but I have access to it using vnc. Clear Linux server iso file is mounted on the vps and I can boot into it.

Note: I’m new to Clear Linux, please guide me with details

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… but … how … ???

Fixing this isn’t easily possible. Do you know if you only removed /usr/bin/swupd or more? If it’s just the one file, we can likely easily restore it. I assume the system is running and other commands work just fine, and you can get a root shell or run sudo commands?

An easy to follow method is: download the live server image and boot it. Mount your hard drive rootfs and copy the swupd binary from the USB stick filesystem to the hard drive rootfs mount. Reboot and try swupd repair to see if it works.

I was messing with swupd that caused in removing swupd, I think I need to open a new threat to ask about my problems with swupd/bundles.

Apparently I’ve removed network manager… Even if I can somehow make swupd works, I have no network to download anything… I’m gonna reinstall the OS

I would suggest downloading at least /root/.bash_history so that you can understand what you exactly did (or /home/yourusername/.bash_history) on the device :).

Haha! That made a good laugh