System won't shutdown properly

eight times out of ten, system will not shutdown, leaving a black screen with blinking cursor, without keyboard not mouse input, and unable to move to another tty, nor able to ctl alt del. only long press on power button can turn off system. how to debug please, and where to begin?

Sorry, although this is not a solution, felt familiarity with the phrase above.

I sometime heard similar story about Ubuntu few years ago, and in most cases, its major cause is from system upgrade running background unintentionally.
Something is locked during upgrade process, and it prevents from system shutdown.

Suggest revisiting automatic upgrade configuration, though I wonder whether similar case is applicable to Clear Linux OS.

thanks for reply. no, it is not system update, because i have autoupdate disabled right after installed.

with all the help on this thread i managed to solve the issue…i hope. thankyou clearlinux.

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