Unable to run update command

When i am running (swupd update) command I am getting the below error.
Error: Failed to connect to update server: https://cdn.download.clearlinux.org/update/
Possible solutions for this problem are:
** Fix the system clock**
** Run ‘swupd info’ to check if the urls are correct**
** Check if the server SSL certificate is trusted by your system (‘clrtrust generate’ may help)**
Updater failed to initialize, exiting now.

Please help me to fix this issue.

Do you have internet connection?
Are you behind a proxi?

I have internet.
But not sure how to set proxy on Clear Linux.
It looks like an proxy issue.
I have given the below export command in bashrc file.
export http_proxy=“url:port”
export https_proxy=“url:port”

Is the same as others distros.


export https_proxy=http://your-proxy:your-port

Then run update command

Still the same error.

Any update @miguelinux ?

Do you have an IP address?

you can see it with

$ ip a

it is weird as if you already set the https_proxy environment variable swupd should use it.