Watch Twitch in Firefox

Hello, I’ve overcome this problem by installing Brave on my Clear Linux install but i was wondering. Is there a way to watch Twitch on Firefox in Clear Linux? Cause I looked up Google and I couldn’t find a solution.

The streams probably require FFmpeg. More info here:

I’ve tried the steps in the forum post but they didn’t work. The problem as I found was the:

sudo sh -c 'echo /usr/local/lib >>/etc/'


It actually appended the /usr/local/lib immediately after the last entry so the file was like:

include /opt/nvidia/lib/*/usr/local/lib

which definitely doesn’t seem correct.

I corrected the file and now everything works fine. :smiley:

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction. :smiley:

EDIT: See post below for a complete explanation.

That definitely is incorrect. The documentation for ldconfig states:

              File containing a list of directories, one per line, in which to search for  li‐

You can do this two ways:

  1. Like this:
$ cat /etc/
include /etc/*.conf
$ cat /etc/ 
  1. simpler, like this:
$ cat /etc/ 

Anything following the word include must be a text config file, not a library. So you can’t include /usr/lib64/*, since there are only libraries there. This is why in my example above, I include *.conf and not include * to avoid the confusion, and then name my files foo.conf as well.

OK I’ll change it and see how it works. Thanx for the heads-up :smiley:

EDIT: Ok it works fine like you said so the problem was that the /usr/local/lib was appended after the last path in my /etc/ so the line was like:

include /opt/nvidia/lib/*/usr/local/lib

which caused issues and firefox not working.

Thanx a lot for the correction. :smiley: