Where to find Info files for the texinfo Info viewer?

Some man pages, such as the one for the bash shell and for sed, are very large and contain many sections. Such documentation is much more accessible when it is marked up for hypertext, such as are Info files generated by texinfo. I installed the texinfo bundle today, only to find that a number of commands on CL (such as sed) have man pages, but Info files for them are not on my system (presumably they are missing from the relevant bundles).

  • Is there a repository of Info files available somewhere that can be downloaded?

    • Where? (I did search!)
  • Is there any automation available that will install Info files for the commands currently on my system?


Well, I kept looking and found the GNUish stuff here. Any thoughts on adding Info files to the relevant CL bundles?

When packages are built on CL, they are split automatically into sub-packages, i.e. documentation, binaries, libraries, data etc and then combined into bundles. For texinfo, the info files are in the texinfo-doc subpackage. By default I don’t think most packages will include their docs as making bundles small (particularly core bundles) is important for several use cases (and there doesn’t appear to have been any demand for them until now). So they aren’t currently available in a bundle, but they do exist here

With the sed example, it has sed-doc and sed-man subpackages, but the man package is a dependency by default (and hence why you have it installed). So the doc subpackages would need to be added to bundles where they prove useful to make them available.

Since swupd-client is going to support optional packages in bundles, I guess sooner or later we could install those doc packages with swupd.

One of the things I appreciated about Cygwin (POSIX for Windows) was that every package in the repository was well documented with man pages, Info docs, and other texts in /usr/share/doc/. I’m sure CL will get there.