A Linux noob having a go at installing from the source-XaoS

If anyone here is a Linux newbie like me, you may find this post interesting.

One of the criticisms about Clear Linux is not having a package manager with lot of software. I find it fun compiling software from the source in Clear Linux and help me to learn the basics.

If you are fascinated with fractals and want to render fractals using all the CPU cores, try this.

Open the terminal and clone the XaoS git hub repo

git clone https://github.com/xaos-project/XaoS.git
cd XaoS

If you read the ‘Prerequisites’ you will realize you need to use swupd to install two bundles.

sudo swupd bundle-add devpkg-qttools qt5-dev

Then you compile.

qmake && make

Watch the scrolling text appreciating the hard work of @Xaos Project. Then,

cd bin

On the XaoS program, go to menu>calculation>threads and set the number of threads for your CPU. I have 24. Then rerun and enjoy.