Acer Swift 3x with Xe MAX GPU

I bought an Acer Swift 3x with Intel Iris Xe MAX discrete GPU.
I followed all the steps as outlined in the guide to get an all Intel system going with ClearLinux.
Everything went great when installing from the Live USB but on restart it gave me a Kernel Panic.
I don’t know what else to do and I’m using my laptop on Ubuntu 20.10 now but the Xe Max GPU is disabled.
Apparently the only way to use this additional hardware is with a KVM PCI Pass-through.
Kernel 5.11 is said to support a multi GPU support but till then (22 April?) I’m now just using the integrated 80EU that comes with my i5 config. I really want to use ClearLinux cause I want that all Intel experience. What can I do? :sob:

If you just bought the laptop, returning it and buy a real computer is the best option.
CL is not general purpose distribution and combating with hardware compatibility is not fun.

But I love Tiger lake soooo much! And the integrated Xe is amazing. I just hope Intel will sort it out and I can have an all inclusive Intel kit. The only company that have something similar is Apple and I’m not a fan of theirs since its either their way or the highway. Intel is our only hope.

Laptop is like almond milk. It’s not really milk.
Buy a real one.