APX and AVX10 compiled binaries coming to Clear Linux this week


this is a heads up that we’ve started to add APX + AVX10 compiled software to Clear Linux which should start showing up in releases this week. This is in addition of course to our x86-64-v2 baseline and v3 and v4 builds.
Initially we’re focusing on the basic system components (glibc etc) and the Python universe, but we’re going to expand this to the whole distro over the next weeks and months as our tooling and the GCC 14 compiler mature.

As usual, the swupd updater will automatically pick the best binary for your system if multiple choices are available based on the capabilities of the CPU that you have.

For clarity, an overview of what we provide

|x86-64-v2 (SSE4.2)   | 2011 era | All components provide this                  | 
|x86-64-v3 (AVX2)     | 2014 era | The vast majority of components provide this | 
|x86-64-v4 (AVX512)   | 2016 era | Select (math heavy) components provide this  | 
|APX + AVX10          | future   | Incremental rollout over the next months     |