Is there a promise to not break non-Intel hardware? - “A Linux OS built for Linux developers”

I am a developer and would love to use Clear Linux on my main machine but I am on AMD Ryzen and I am curious if Clear Linux makes any guarantees to not break non-Intel hardware(I understand the “optimized for Intel CPUs” part but things like LTO are helpful for everybody)?

I worry for sudden breakages.

It is safe to use on non-Intel, x86 hardware or you would not recommend it?

We publish “minimum hardware requirements”. If your system meets these requirements, then it would be a bug if it doesn’t work. We recently removed the requirement for AES, so, a lot of hardware now can run Clear Linux OS.

If we add new requirements, then we will announce this well ahead of time, for the obvious reason that we would break many existing systems/installs. Note: we have no intentions of ever doing this.

So essentially, that’s about as close as a promise as we can get.

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I’ve hit some issues with some AMD options being explicitly deactivated:

Is there a way for me to change the kernel config and still receive official kernel updates(Gentoo style, somehow through mixins or something like this?) or would I need to maintain/compile my own version of the kernel?

This just needs fixing… We should put some time to enable that and provide (if we can) the microcode images just like we do for the Intel ones.

Are there any other options you’ve found?


I see CONFIG_AMD_MEM_ENCRYPT and CONFIG_AMD_NUMA activated in Ubuntu’s config files.
NUMA does not affect me directly, but I don’t know about people with Threadripper for example - the documentation says that it should work with CONFIG_X86_64_ACPI_NUMA, which is activated.