Automatic System updates - if a reboot is required?

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I have installed Clear Linux Server version and I love it, all is working great. I’ve read that it has automatic system updates, which sure sounds nice to keep things up-to-date without having to be hands on checking all the time.

Now, I believe with Linux that quite a bit can be updated without rebooting, but for some updates say Kernel updates a reboot is required. How does this work, does it just wait until you next login (say via SSH) to inform you of the pending required reboot? Does it just reboot automatically, can you set a prefered “maintenance window”?

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I suggest you disable automatic updates, and do a manual update once a week. After each update, do a shutdown.

shutdowns? On servers? That’s an awful lot of work, and certainly isn’t sustainable.

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Agreed, I don’t think they read what I said to be honest.