Autospec build error

Trying to build libglibutil but I’m getting the following error

Name        : libglibutil
Version     : 1.0.77
Prefix      : libglibutil-1.0.77
Warning: Set [autospec][packages_file] path to package list file for requires validation
Warning: Set [autospec][git] upstream template for remote git URI configuration
Warning: Set [autospec][license_fetch] uri for license fetch support
Warning: Set [autospec][license_show] uri for license link check support
Warning: Set [autospec][yum_conf] path to yum.conf file for whatrequires validation
Buildreqs   : 
Summary     : Library of glib utilities
Licenses    :  BSD-3-Clause

[INFO] Performing package integrity verification
[INFO] None of 1.0.77.tar.gz.(asc|sig|sign|sha256) is found in .
[INFO] Skipping domain verification
Building package libglibutil round 1
libglibutil mock chroot at /var/lib/mock/clear-libglibutil
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/i/Downloads/MEGA/clearlinux/packages/libglibutil/../../projects/autospec/autospec/", line 329, in <module>
  File "/home/i/Downloads/MEGA/clearlinux/packages/libglibutil/../../projects/autospec/autospec/", line 196, in main
    package(args, url, name, archives, workingdir)
  File "/home/i/Downloads/MEGA/clearlinux/packages/libglibutil/../../projects/autospec/autospec/", line 274, in package
    package.package(filemanager, args.mock_config, args.mock_opts, conf, requirements, content, args.cleanup)
  File "/home/i/Downloads/MEGA/clearlinux/projects/autospec/autospec/", line 265, in package" ".join(cmd_args),
  File "/home/i/Downloads/MEGA/clearlinux/projects/autospec/autospec/", line 50, in call
    raise subprocess.CalledProcessError(returncode, full_args["args"], None)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['sudo', '/usr/bin/mock', '--root=/home/i/Downloads/MEGA/clearlinux/projects/common/conf/clear.cfg', '--buildsrpm', '--sources=./', '--spec=libglibutil.spec', '--uniqueext=libglibutil-src', '--result=results/', '--no-cleanup-after']' returned non-zero exit status 30.
make: *** [../common/Makefile.common:176: autospec] Error 1

based on this line raise subprocess.CalledProcessError(returncode, full_args["args"], None
I’m thinking I’m missing some args but I do not know what they are.
the above documentation says to check results/build.log but the file is empty except for single line which says Mock Version:

Building it normally without autospec works without any issues
Addtional info: commands I’ve run so far

make autospecnew URL="" NAME="libglibutil"
cd packages/libglibutil
echo "BSD 3-Clause" > libglibutil.license
make autospec

EDIT: Following this issue: make autospec failure · Issue #456 · clearlinux/autospec · GitHub
here is a log of results.log
There seems to be a version mismatch between gcc 14,1 and gcc14.0 in the log. Other than that I’m not sure how to proceed

Try: make mockclean

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