How to build upstream gtk4 with autospec

As far as I understand autospec is the way to go to test the newest version.
I’m stuck trying to update the config at
I change the url in the makefile and the version and run make autospec.
That doesn’t work and doesn’t seem to be the way I should go about it, if I look at the latest commits for gtk4 updates. Unfortunately I have no idea how to generate these hashes required in the install step.

After you ran make autospec, what didn’t work? Did you encounter any build errors?

I suspect the “hashes” you are referring to are the files being installed to /usr/share/package-licenses… If that’s the case, that is the expected behavior with the default autospec config due to the license_fetch option being unset. The default autospec config resides here, where you’ll notice that all options are undefined by default.

If you are otherwise able to run make autospec for gtk4 successfully, the absence of hash files installed to /usr/share/package-licenses (and thus a removed gtk4-license subpackage) is nothing to worry about.

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