AVX512 build flags


Is there any reason Clear Linux builds avx512 packages with march=x86-64-v4 instead of march=skylake-avx512. As far as I can tell, skylake-avx512 supports more flags, namely ‘+aes’, ‘+fsgsbase’, ‘+invpcid’, ‘+adx’, ‘+xsaves’, ‘+xsaveopt’, ‘+xsavec’, ‘+pclmul’, ‘+clflushopt’, ‘+rdrnd’, ‘+clwb’, ‘+prfchw’, ‘+pku’, ‘+rdseed’

And I cant find an AVX512 CPU (including Zen 4) that doesn’t support those instructions, other than maybe the VIA Centaur cores (which I don’t even know the march prefix for).

Oh nevemind, I already got my answer in irc (these flags arent emmited by compilers anyway), thanks