Bridge Network / HassIO / KVM

I have been trying to get a HassIO virutal machine for a week and have been very unsuccessful. There has been many threads in here about this but I have not been able to get this to properly work.

The main article that I followed was this one Configuring KVM on Clear Linux · ./

The issue that I am having is that after configuring the bridge by main eno1 becomes “enslaved” instead of “routable” and everything that I cannot connect to any services on the machine anymore using the assigned static ip until the bridge is removed.

I have also tried configuring using the Gnome GUI “Advanced Networking” and that does not seem to work either. The bridge gets created and I can deploy the VM but I cannot connect to it so the bridge is not working.

Here is the instructions that I am using for installation of Home Assistant Operating System on IntelNUC with ClearLinux and Virtual machine Manager. Linux - Home Assistant (