Bundle descriptions

I’m a heavy user of LaTeX and stuff. I installed texlive but, AFAIK, texlive's own package manager, called tlmgr, doesn’t work when installed through a distro (and indeed it fails when run on Clear Linux). To assess whether the distro’s bundle will be enough for my use or whether I should rather install the upstream version, I’d like to know the list of files installed by the bundle but I couldn’t find how to list them…? Additionally, I’d like to know which version of texlive is installed…

They actually suggests users to install a separate version of texlive even though many distros ship it.

You just need to follow their official documentation and by default their texlive is installed under /usr/local/bin while the one comes with swupd is under /usr/bin

Hi this question has already been answered in a previous discussion, see the link above. The question was copied here to keep track of the feature request regarding showing the list of installed files in the bundle web pages.

Please for a feature request use GitHub