[Question] Seeing a list of default installed bundles?

Hello, I wanted to know if there is a way to know what pre-installed bundles Clear Linux has? I don’t know if swupd has such an option.

This is mainly to discard problems with my setup maybe lacking some bundles, I was at a Zoom meeting and when I was trying to share my screen I couldn’t, I thought that maybe I’m lacking a bundle, but to check if I have deleted it it would be nice if there is a list where I can check without having to reinstall.


sudo swupd bundle-list

should give you what you’re looking for. And if you use -all you’ll see all available bundles installed or not.
swupd — Documentation for Clear Linux* project

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Thanks! I was aware of those commands, but what I was trying to say is that I’m looking for a command (or maybe a way) to know what bundles I have installed/missing compared to a standard Clear Linux OS installation. Here I’m only seeing the bundles I have, and with “all” I see all the bundles that are available.
The only way that comes to my mind to achieve what I want is to just install a fresh CL on a VM or in another machine, and use “bundle-list” there, but it’s kind of inconvenient.