How to remove unwanted default packages?


I have installed Clear Linux Desktop Edition to play around with and to see if it could be used as a daily driver today or in the near future. I really enjoy the speed so far, of course some things are missing like the multimedia codec support out of the box, easy NVIDIA driver installation and similar quality of life functionality.

Anyway, I have a question. How do I remove unwanted software bundles like Cheese or Gnome Weather and similar. I don’t use them and I don’t want them on my system, but I’m not allowed to remove them either by using the Software Center or the Terminal. I’m being told it’s “essential for system functionality” but I don’t think Photos app is “essential”

Any way to remove the pre-bundled “bloatware”?

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sudo swupd bundle-remove ...

We have however a problem that a lot of “apps” are included by larger bundles making them effectively unable to be uninstalled. This is something we’re working on making easier to do. Until then, you can’t easily uninstall some of them.


Thank you for the speedy reply :slight_smile:

I have tried the command you posted, but it seems I can’t remove ANY of the pre-installed applications.

That’s what I tried to explain :slight_smile:

You can uninstall desktop-apps and then one-by-one re-install the ones you want. This will be fixed in the future, and then it will be simpler.


Thanks, but that also doesn’t appear to work :thinking:

Well, I’ll wait for improvements and some spit and polish, but so far I’m liking what I see here. The potential is there.

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