Can I safely remove packages related to printing?

Hey guys, I never use printers or scanners and I was wondering if it is possible/safe to remove the hardware-printing bundle?
I tried to bundle-remove it but it seems like it may be too deeply integrated into the system as removing it would also force remove a couple other bundles including desktop which sounds scary.
I’ve been slimming down my Clear installation, removing stuff that I don’t use, is there a list somewhere of bundles that are safe to remove?

What if you compare a seperate Clear Server + Gnome install, with a Clear Desktop install ?

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That’s actually an interesting idea, I imagine the server edition consists only of strictly required packages/bundles but I’m not sure I’m confident enough in my skills to get everything working perfect.
Would installing the Gnome desktop from command line on the server edition be as simple as running the swupd bundle-add desktop command? or would I then need to perform various little tweaks via command line to get everything set up properly?
I only know my way around the very basic commands, I mostly just enjoy using Linux as an OS for regular stuff like browsing the web, games, movies etc.

removing desktop means that there will be no graphical user interface. you will not be able to run graphical applications such as firefox and nautilus (file browser)

if you install the server version and then install desktop, the hardware printing bundle will be installed with it. although the hardware printing bundle is not necessary for running gnome, and contains closed source software, it is listed as a necessary dependency of desktop in clear linux.

if you really want to remove hardware printing, and you need to run graphical applications, you can install an alternative window manager such as desktop-kde, xfce4-desktop, sway, or desktop-i3