Make GIMP removable

I really don’t see any reason to use GIMP when Krita & Photoshop-on-wine exists, but let me decide what I want by default.

Currently removing GIMP will delete all GNOME desktop.

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Hi @paulcarroty. When we first defined what a desktop should include, GIMP was an obvious candidate for inclusion for fully featured desktop functionality. As we’ve widened the scope of Clear Linux, and increased the granularity of bundles, we recognize that users might want to selectively remove bundles.
The good news is, that while we can’t actually do that today, we are adding functionality in the next couple of weeks to swupd so that instead of GIMP being a hard dependency, it could be a soft dependency in the future. You might want to add an enhancement request on GitHub distribution repo to track this request?

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I think nearly all bundles should be removable. That is the point of bundles after all - easy installation and removal.

Added, thx.

Sounds good. IMHO Shotwell as photo manager will looks better as default desktop app. Crop, rotate, several filters, RAW support, collections import/export - covers ~90% of typical desktop needs.

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There are essentially two types of bundle dependencies. Things that are required because they are used to optimize bundle content sharing for update speed reasons and things that are optional. Currently we only have one way of indicating a dependency and that is causing the inability to remove some optional bundles. Once we can update metadata to indicate the difference then all bundles that are optional will be removable.


paul, are you successfully using wine on Clear Linux? I haven’t bothered with wine in a decade – might need to revisit wine regarding the few windows programs needed for work.



I think Intel selected a good set of applications for the desktop. With that said I sometimes wish to trim it down even further. Looking forward to being able to do so in the future!

Yep, and I’m not the only one :slight_smile:
Wine did a significant progress last 2-3 years.