Removing Gnome Desktop Environment

My machine is a laptop with 4gb ram, 240gb m2 ssd and a 4-core intel celeron n4100 cpu.
Before clear linux I had installed antergos with kde, but since it stopped development, I thought to try this distribution.

The thing is that gnome is a heavy desktop environment for my laptop, so I installed kde-desktop bundle. Everything is perfectly fine but I want to remove gnome (and it’s default apps) and switch to kde-apps.

Here comes my concern. Removing gnome desktop bundle or desktop-apps, also uninstalls firefox or flatpak or the clear linux software store, which I don’t want to.

My question is, which method is recommended to uninstall gnome, including gnome applications, without uninstalling important applications such as flatpak/clear linux store ?

Bundles have an include mechanism, which means that when you install the desktop bundle, it does pull in firefox and flatpak.

However, they are included as separate bundles. This means that they can be installed independently without requiring the desktop bundle installed. After removing the gnome related bundles, you are simply able to add firefox and flatpak via sudo swupd bundle-add flatpak firefox if they have been removed.

Unfortunately there is no separate bundle for gnome-software (the software store) and only comes as part of the desktop bundle.

Thanks for your reply.
Sounds inefficient removing installed software and redownloading it again.
Choosing to (un)install specific software from a bundle would be a nice feature.

EDIT : firefox requires desktop-gnomelibs. So I had to redownload what I uninstalled. I think I will wait for official kde plasma support …

There isn’t going to be any, sorry.

Our default desktop that we support is, and will be for the foreseeable future, be GNOME.

All other desktop environments are best-effort. That means, when we have the time, and developers to fix issues or add new ones, or when users help us fix bugs or make it better… we’ll take it.

Firefox heavily relies on many gtk3 and GNOME base components, this will not change because it is a hard requirement, and not something that can be just removed - firefox would largely stop working if we did.


I am facing same issues, but asking myself for a future CL install, of installing server, and then only desktop-kde ?