How to install XFCE desktop and remove gnome desktop?

As I installed CL from the live iso, I have the gnome desktop. Is this Gnome DE sort of default desktop of CL? Anyway, I’d like to install XFCE desktop and remove gnome desktop completely. How do I do that safely?

Is it swupd bundle-add xfce4-desktop and swupd bundle-remove gnome-desktop? Would lightdm be installed and enabled automatically?

It’s not easy to remove gnome, it’s in the desktop bundle, and is required by desktop-autostart. So you will have to uninstall those two, and then you need to install lightdm bundle configure it manually.

In other Linux, it is quite easy to do this. Maybe, CL devs would consider releasing a XFCE live iso. Gnome 3 seems to run faster in CL, so naturally XFCE would run even faster.

If running gnome makes your computer slow, it’s time to get a new one…

Well, Windows 10 runs fast. KDE runs fast. And, so on.
Gnome is not the desktop that everyone wants/needs.

You’re more than welcome to run any other desktop environment - we even encourage it. You can use gdm to choose between most of them just fine. Just install the desktop bundle that you want, and use the gdm login screen to choose the session you want. There’s no need to uninstall gnome - it won’t slow down the Xfce4 desktop and you get a few extra programs that may come in handy.

It doesn’t appear that there’s much in the xfce4-desktop bundle. If I keep on adding other xfce4 related bundles, do they get integrated into the xfce4-bundle, or stay separately?

Why I need lightdm is that the gdm has unnecessary additional screens, a cover screen and then the login screen. How do I get rid of the gdm login? Or get rid of the cover screen in the gdm login?

sudo swupd bundle-remove desktop-autostart to remove/disable gdm, then
sudo swupd bundle-add lightdm

It contains the entire Xfce4 desktop including several standard Xfce4 apps (thunar, a few others).

Just installed xfce4-desktop, but didn’t unistall gdm or install lightdm. Wanted to look at the desktop first.

  1. Thunar cannot open other partitions. Simply doesn’t react to clicks on any partition. In Gnome, Nautilus asks for the password, which is all right, but nothing happens with Thunar. Cannot even mount them.

  2. Cannot leave XFCE desktop, logout or reboot or shutdown.


how did you start Xfce4? If you used startxfce4 or similar, you will likely not get full console access, nor will the logout button work (since you’re not logged in).

Gdm login screen logged in to xfce-session.

There are 6 sessions. Gnome on Xorg, Gnome Flashback, Gnome on Wayland, Gnome + Remnina Kiosk, Weston and Xfce Session

Gnome + Remnina Kiosk doesn’t boot, no idea how to do anything on Weston.

There’s also an app that can’t be uninstalled in Gnome, something that had come from the live iso.


Which one? Your screen shows many icons. Please don’t make us guess…

It is there on the bottom of the screeny, hp-uiscan, the one without an icon.
Then, there’s also HP Device Manager in Accessories.

This is part of hplip and gets pulled in by the hardware-printing bundle. That in part gets pulled in by desktop.

All right, but clicking on HP Device Manager or hp-uiscan doesn’t open any app window.

Also, I removed the xfce4-desktop atm.