Server ISO + XFCE, KDE Plasma, Gnome, etc

It seems the server ISO is the best way to go with CL for me. Choose what you want to install it’s great so far I’ve gotten XFCE, Gnome, and KDE Plasma to work with XFCE being the only one with any issues.

I’ll update this with more info as I go. Hopefully this helps some of the people who can’t stand Gnome.

KDE Plasma (X and Wayland)
Packages installed: desktop-kde desktop-kde-apps desktop-kde-libs kde-frameworks5 flatpak

  • Log into to X first and disable the blurring effects before logging into Wayland (this may be unique to my veeeery old system)
  • No issues with X but I can’t seem to write files in /home folders under Wayland. Not a fan of KDE enough to figure out the issue with Wayland.

Packages installed: os-utils-gui (xfce4 included) lightdm flatpak

  • Only issue I can find is with Flatpaks. Transmission (flatpak) takes 30 to start but works. VLC launches instantly but file manager has some issues when trying to open files. Can’t seem to figure this out and have the same issue with XFCE installed over Gnome (thought there might be some Gnome dependencies missing from server install). Will look into it further since I prefer XFCE.
  • UPDATE!. - The flatpak is a DBUS issue and is resolved by adding the following to ~/.xinitrc (startx) or ~/.xprofile (lightdm) -

dbus-update-activation-environment --systemd DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS DISPLAY XAUTHORITY

  • Seems like XFCE Power Manager is missing from the bundle.

Packages installed: desktop (gnome included) desktop-autostart gnome-base-libs (flatpak already part of desktop)

  • This basically installs the entire CL desktop and very little can be removed. Might as well just install the Desktop ISO.


Update: i3, Awesome, and enlightenment all seem to work but I didn’t use them extensively. LXQT/Openbox did not work.


Couldn’t find it as well but fortunately building from source is quick and painless.


how did you get i3 or Awesome to work? what dependencies from Swupd did you install?

desktop-i3 and desktop-awesome respectively.