Flatpak is not working in server ISO installation?

I have installed Clear Linux using server ISO for proper setup of XFCE desktop but things are going in reverse as I can’t even use the flatpak though it is showing as installed.

Installing devpkg-flatpak solves the issue
Command : sudo swupd bundle-add devpkg-flatpak

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If you have the logs/output details still, can you share them? You shouldn’t need anything additional for using flatpak itself.

No, I did a fresh Desktop installation as the server ISO consistently irritating me.
Why Clear Linux is bundling the packages…For a small package, I need to download the total bundle which is 2.2 GiB for maybe a 5 to 10 MiB file. This is not a good option.

Because CL is not intended for general desktop usage.
Bundling makes it very easy to use in servers.

Yeah but bundling each package individually also provides flexibility over the issues or errors that are encountered while building from source.
I’m not saying to don’t bundle at all but along with it, individual packages may provide ease.