Complete uninstallation of GNOME

I have recently been using kde plasma as a desktop environment so I don’t need gnome. Is there a way to safely and completely uninstall gnome?


I need also to to remove this gnome, it seems it is making my CL so slooooooow,

any hint, because it is needed by destop-autostart

I have installed kde-desktop, and dont’t this gnome anymore, that is taking too much room

I think that CL should propose different destop ISOs install like Ubuntu does


Here’s an older thread Removing Gnome Desktop Environment - #3 by Charalampos_Bekiaris

Gnome doesn’t cause me any issues with KDE. I don’t use desktop-autostart.

Right now, I’m having issues with the new Plasma 6 on Clear Linux. I’m glad I have Gnome as backup.

Cuurently, i am using xfce, it seems so light and smooth,