Anybody using kde-plasma

Just curious to know if anybody is using kde as their desktop and how good is it compared to gnome? Also how they went about installing it.

you can install kde on clear linux with sudo swupd bundle-add desktop-kde
and a web search of “kde vs gnome” will bring up many articles on the subject of comparison between kde and gnome

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I did, or at least tried to, but I had issues with Discover. I read somewhere that “Plasma Discover needs a plugin to deal with CL’s bundles and swupd. This plugin is not implemented.” Once it is, I’ll happily try it again.

Works for me Clear Linux runing KDE Plasma 5.24.4 - YouTube


I just installed Clear Linux and I-m currently having to see your video with out-of-the-box Firefox. I plan to install KDE Plasma and Vivaldi browser, so thank you for your video even before I can finally watch it.

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