(39540) Broken KDE 5.27.6

Love Clear Linux, never had such a smooth experience with a linux distro before.

But now after several months, after updating to the latest release and restarting my system, it seems like the Kde desktop is broke (X11 and Wayland) doesnt show my configured panel and the desktop icons are there but i cant click or select any of them. I`m able to use my Konsole that i had open but nothing else. No context menu working on the desktop either.

Right now i`m using xfce which seems to be working fine.

If it`s a known issue with the latest update i will wait, if not i will attempt to reset my profile settings.


Plasma 27.6
Frameworks 107.0
Qt 5.15.2
X11 (wayland as well)

Mesa 520

I downgraded to 39490 and KDE is working again.

swupd repair --picky --version 39490

Ps: this repair --picky argument will delete your manually installed programs such as VMware or other installed python versions outside of bundle install.

Yep, 39540 breaks my KDE system too.

This may be related to the latest kernel because when I rolled back to 39520 using TimeShift, I didn’t roll back the boot partition and the new kernel wouldn’t boot the system.

It’s fixed with the 39590 update.