How to install XFCE desktop and remove gnome desktop?

Gdm login screen logged in to xfce-session.

There are 6 sessions. Gnome on Xorg, Gnome Flashback, Gnome on Wayland, Gnome + Remnina Kiosk, Weston and Xfce Session

Gnome + Remnina Kiosk doesn’t boot, no idea how to do anything on Weston.

There’s also an app that can’t be uninstalled in Gnome, something that had come from the live iso.


Which one? Your screen shows many icons. Please don’t make us guess…

It is there on the bottom of the screeny, hp-uiscan, the one without an icon.
Then, there’s also HP Device Manager in Accessories.

This is part of hplip and gets pulled in by the hardware-printing bundle. That in part gets pulled in by desktop.

All right, but clicking on HP Device Manager or hp-uiscan doesn’t open any app window.

Also, I removed the xfce4-desktop atm.


I was a fan of GTK / Gnome for several years (+/- 20y) mainly because it was generally more attractive (personal) and better performance than Qt / KDE; than recently I switch to KDE because over time, they optimize and kept too almost lower their resource consumption while others discover than simply follow the Moore law. These days you could run KDE and it will consume 500-600Mb while others, even LXQt, required 800MB to 1GB of memory. Ok for sure XFCE still lightweight but it’s simply because they kept the 1990 style.

as someone said, Gnome is not for everyone and the beauty of Linux is the versatility.

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r. brown was right about kde/plasma. i wouldn’t mind getting that de out of cl - imho. one less thing to worry about.

I don’t know if it was a joke but…

ClearLinux Project sound a little bit fascist

  • only Intel
  • only Gnome
  • only ,…
    I means, for the Intel part I understand this is how they are able to optimize it but for the desktop part I don’t. At this level their job is done and tweaking a DE is more about your style than your performance.


  • Gnome Wayland consume: 460MB
  • XFCE after few tweak consume: 350MB

It’s not about fascism. The team has been limited in what they are able to do. The goals of this distro are far different from many others, and supporting a wide array of desktop use cases and user-specific/user-centric scenarios is not part of that. CL is a lab. A stateless, optimized lab. Geared mostly towards development and cloud workloads. And when I say development I don’t mean providing developers with a slick zero config ui and array of gui tools of their choice. It means an environment in which software can be tested cleanly, efficiently and without dependency hell. It doesn’t only work on Intel platforms, no but it is maintained by Intel.

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thank for your answer, maybe my word was strong, obviously having a focus is the key to reach a goal.

I use xfce i find it better then gnome .
The Problem is i Have the same problems with the xfce desktop.

if i can not go out i use an one botton for shutdown now and reboot for restart the session or systemctl power off.

It is not so good that all desktops in the Bundle . Gnome is not for me and also for other user.
I love a smal desktop and KDE will not good work i Have problems that KDE stop the PC and i can not work i must new start the PC.

and gnome is not my . i user gnome for the settings . in xfce you can not install in settings printers and no new user can you add in the xfce desktop settings.
and the gnome desktop is the foundation of xfce4 .

sorry for my english i am a german user
I will work with Clear linux im not a developer for Linux

have fun Juergen
Clear linux is good for me.
maybe intel can do something for Xfce after all

ps: i have installed Budgie i can see it in GDK it works not( im working on it) .

and i work with menulibre-2.2.1(XFCE4);Wiskermenu ( Opera / Yandex / Freecad / (it works good)/3Dconnexion/Volkswagentransfersoftware (it works) / Kate / Krusader / Vlc ( it makes no stream)

I’ve been running XFCE4 on Clear for a few months now and also had the logout problem after install. I think it’s related to the session manager’s inability to save the current session during the log out process.

I believe mine was caused by some missing files in ~/.cache/sessions, or it had files with incorrect permissions. I had to do lots of fix/tweaks after fresh install so I can’t remember the exact fix, but I think after creating the ~/.cache/sessions/xfce4-session-[hostname]:0 file manually I was able to log out.

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In this Folder [~/.cache/sessions/xfce4-session-[hostname]:0] I have no file.
can you type what is in your file. It is an empty file ?

In the picture is my problem with power off and logout button in xfce.
my user language is German.

The problem shown by your screenshot was exactly the one I had.

~/.cache/sessions/xfce4-session-[hostname]:0 is the file you need to create. I believe I did the following to solve the logout problem:

touch ~/.cache/sessions/xfce4-session-[hostname]:0
chmod 644 ~/.cache/sessions/xfce4-session-[hostname]:0

Replace [hostname] by your machine’s actual hostname. Give it a try.

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I need to get rid of Nautilus and install a file manager that works like Thunar. I have too many files to deal with a poorly written File Manager whose main command is “remove file manager from Desktop”. had an article on installing xfce on Ubuntu 20.0.4 but it failed.

Unfortunately, if you want Thunar, you’ll have to install XFCE (I have a thread you can reference). How about pcmanfm?

pcmanfm | Clear Linux* Project


Actually I like XFCE and have no problems with it. I think I have a version of xfce installed now. I still need to upgrade my other 2 Linux computers. I’ll keep Thunar rather than going to something I don’t know such as pcmanfm. At least Thunar works.

How did you install XFCE? It already comes with Thunar. Did you install XFCE over gnome or just a clean XFCE installation like in my thread?

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