Uninstalling ... stuff (de-bloating)

There is a bunch of applications that come with even the most minimal CL installation, that I need to get rid of. I tried clicking the “Uninstall” button in Software (the “Installed” tab), but nothing seems to be happening. What is going on? Do I need to do that in command line?

Oh, c’mon guys, is it by design that the “Uninstall” button in Software does nothing? And if so, is that an elegant solution? Why not disable the button completely? :thinking:

@Aqua1ung I think you are talking about the flat hub app in clear linux. Why the frustration? Do you have a really small hard disk?

I take it it’s the Flathub app that is defective, right? As far as I know, that app comes pre-installed: you’d think that pre-installed apps are tested before being distributed on a large scale. Anyway, I, for one, hate clutter, so I’ll do everything possible to remove all apps that I do not need.

I hear you. I am no expert, but my understanding is Gnome come as the swupd desktop bundle. Then there is a desktop-apps bundle. You can remove the latter with swupd to get rid of some of the apps. You can also use flatpak command;
I hope others in this community will contribute to help @Aqua1ung .

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