Bundles: The what, why, and how

Packages have been around forever in Linux. Many of you will be familiar with apt, rpm, or others, but Clear Linux* OS takes a slightly different approach.

While we also use the concept of packages to manage compiling source code into binaries, we do not use the package concept to deploy software. Instead, we provide software “bundles” that are installed and managed using a tool called swupd.

Each bundle contains as many or as few open source projects needed to provide a complete functionality. The benefit of this is that you can create some incredibly powerful bundles for almost any use case.

Want to get started with bundles? Well, first focus on understanding the concepts:

Now take a look at some of the key commands:

Finally, go and take a look at some existing bundles in our software store as food for thought or check the list below:

GitHub repo:

Of course, have any questions? Feel free to ask them here on the forum!