How to release a bundle

We need to build & release a bundle to customers. Right now we can follow the document
of to build the bundle. However, it seems the bundle is not just like rpm or debian packages. So my question is - if we need to release the built bundle, which files need to be released.

Bundles can not just be released separately - Clearlinux doesn’t work like that. If you have third party software that you want to ship to existing clearlinux users, it will need to be integrated into Clearlinux directly, or use our third-party software process (WIP). For info about that, you may want to talk to Thiago.

Thanks for the reply!
So if we want to release bundles, we just need to release the rpm packages. right?

No, you need to create, maintain and publish a mix. There is currently (plans aside) no way to publish RPMs that can directly be consumed into an existing clearlinux installation.

I mean if we don’t want to publish a mix, we can just release the rpm packages to customers, right?

There is nothing preventing you from releasing anything to customers, including RPMs. However, the customer won’t be able to use the RPMs unless they themselves create a mix.