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Distributing and sharing 3rd-party bundles guidelines

Upstream Clear Linux* OS offers a plethora of bundles to choose from. To provide you access to and share more software outside of the distro, we updated our mixer and swupd client tools to support 3rd-party bundles.

Mixer can now create 3rd-party bundles out of any content you want without the need to package it into an RPM format first. To consume and manage these bundles, we added a “3rd-party” subcommand to swupd.

See our swupd 3rd-party guide on how to start creating and sharing 3rd-party bundles.

We’d love to see our community create and share 3rd-party bundles. Please use the following common-sense guidelines when sharing 3rd-party bundles:

  • Do no harm.
  • Do not distribute unlicensed software, or software for which you don’t have redistribution rights.
  • Maintain and keep your 3rd-party bundles up-to-date.

We’re including a few notes regarding software licensing.

  • The Clear Linux* Project does not endorse or validate 3rd-party bundles.
  • The Clear Linux* Project does not guarantee the availability of 3rd-party bundles.
  • The Clear Linux* OS does not assume liability of any kind for use of 3rd-party bundles.

See also Clear Linux* OS Terms of Use.

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