How to help upgrade repo packages?

For example… Gstreamer is already on 1.16.2… I need to wait someone manually update this package on Clear Linux to use this version.

Theres any wait to the community to help keep packages up to date?

Also, new packages/bundles?

Hey, welcome!

Our devs have created tooling which helps automate a lot of software packaging gymnastics. This contributing guide is a great place to start: (we’re looking at improving this so if you have any feedback, we’re all ears!)

For new versions of existing packages, the best thing would be to test the new version out locally and flag any potential gotchas that need to be accounted for. This will help us bump versions with additional context/confidence. If it’s a simple version bump and it isn’t being updated promptly, just notify us (in fact on GitHub there is special issue type for package updates) because it might be a known issue in-house and will be faster for us to do it.