AUR like experience

There are a lot of things that Clear Linux doesn’t include for legal/support reasons, so we need to move some of these things to an unsupported user repository that compiles/downloads third party software to hopefully negate this. It would be amazing if Clear Linux had a AUR (Arch User Repository) like experience for things that they obviously cannot include, but this service has to be builtin to swupd to help facilitate dependency checking. Just my two cents! Cheerio!!


Have you tried mixer?

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This looks pretty cool, I will give it a try. :smiley:

Mixer isn’t really the answer here, and will make things much more complex. You’ll want the 3rd-party stuff that’s in the works.


This man is so right in so many ways! How could the community organize a way of easily providing nVidia drivers and ffmpeg support, for example?

Checked the documentation and should say Clear Linux packaging is VERY
over-engineered and complex.

  • mixer - non-trivial builder.conf editing, kvm VM, docker and nginx are required
  • autospec - RPM tooling, requires 6 control files
  • custom RPM guide

It’s the good choice for IT department, but not for end user. Have big doubts in existing of any third-party repository.