What I think about clearlinux

1: mostly stock gnome

2: uniqueness

3: nice wallpapers

4: speed most noticeable in 1% lows in games

6: good documentation

7: swupd os-install is a cool command haven’t tried it but like the idea

1: not all of my software is in the repos for example multimc and ungoogled chromium

2: lot’s of bloat

3: uninstalling bloat is confusing I noticed 2 listings for the same app clicking Show Details in gnome brings me to the wrong one also could not find out how to remove some

4: no option for other desktops such as KDE

5: bad hardware support before I upgraded my fx 8350 my WiFi would not work but luckily when I upgraded to AMD Ryzen 7 3700X my drivers worked(I know this distro is mainly for intel)

6: installing NVIDIA drivers is hard maybe you could put it in a bundle also make bundles for beta drivers and LTS

7: swupd is hard to memorize

8: no option for colemak keyboard in installer

9: disabling telemetry does not remove it wasting hard drive space not much but still

10: no base install like arch I like installing my system form the ground up this would also fix the desktop problem mostly

“4: no option for other desktops such as KDE”

sudo swupd bundle-add desktop-kde

Download the Clear Linux server iso and add whatever u want using terminal

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