Thanks for a clean, fast, usable OS

Just a note to thank you guys for Clear Linux. I knew as a youngish distribution I’d probably have to fiddle a bit, but thought it worth trying largely because it seemed like a relatively clean uncrufty approach. I might have considered Arch, but I wanted to install it as a main OS for my remote work laptop so I needed to have at least the basics working quickly. The details I can finesse over time.

Anyway thus far I’m really pleased. I installed Clear one morning mid-week on my laptop, and was able to have enough running to work productively by lunchtime. It’s as clean and fast as I hoped. Yes I’ve had a few small issues to figure out, but nothing that stopped me using my machine in the meantime.

You’ve also done a great job with the documentation for a project at the stage it’s at. So: great job, & thanks.


Just to add to this - I stuffed up my installation today (as in made it unbootable) via a bit of impetuous and unnecessary experimentation.

swupd repair was great in getting me back up & running without having to spend ages troubleshooting, and was very easy to discover (via


Hi @crispinb,

Thank you so much for your comments. We appreciate that. Good to know it is working well for you. Please, keep us updated and let us know if you need any help.