Centralize 3rd party bundle

Hi everyone,

I’m currently a college student and I’ve discovered Clear Linux just 4 months ago, I’ve a little knowledge about how 3rd party work BUT…

Since the announcement, I think that the 3rd party will take a bigger importance in the Clear Linux usage for basic user like me who just launch vim or anything else and code.

That’s why I thought to myself “maybe it would be nice (and cool) to have a centralized place, which list/link all the custom bundle created by the community”

And here am I to propose the idea! (Even if I doubt that anyone I’ve not thought about that before)

It can be in a form of a dedicated topic (this topic for example) or maybe a simple web page which link all the topics about 3rd party from the forum.

What do you think? Maybe I’m a little bit naive about this?


Due to the way that the signing of 3rd-party bundles works you can never host packages from multiple providers in one repo, the best you can do is to have different subdomains/sub directories on 1 server, but still every repo would have to be added individually. The most elegant solution I can think of is a simple webpage that provides a list of available repos and the packages within them.


Not at all.

This could work very well, and matches with what i was researching already.

Exactly what I thought, just a webpage which list all 3rd party bundle :slight_smile:

Would it be something like Fedora’s COPR repositories?

start a fundraiser for that webpage. :smile:

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It would be nice but at first I thought of something more simple.

Like a simple markdown page which list all 3rd party bundle.

I think I’m going to create a webpage hosted on github which will be linked to this topic.


Good Idea!
Create a public repo on Github, i could help with the page


I’ve been quite busy with some work, but I will try to make it soon (this afternoon or tomorrow). :smile:

EDIT: Well for sure in the week :sweat_smile: