Just thinking out loud here

Is it terribly inefficient to have a developer repository where every bundle’s unique devpkg is stored (minus a base bundle that is needed to have a function OS)

In this way we can separate broad end-users that need a complete bundle for the likes of “desktop” or “machine-learning” but for Linux power users who like to cook their own environment that can be done as well?

Again just wondering aloud. I love using Clear Linux but like many others have mentioned over and over again, a lot of Linux users need flexibility.

Just something to think about as the user base grows, just in the few weeks I’ve been tracking on distro watch it’s gone from 95 in the rankings to 79


There’s a significant problem of scale here. We have 6000 or so packages at the moment. These get turned into 25000 components. It’s not really efficient to push that many bundles out to people, there is certainly a computational cost to doing that.

For things like system libraries, yeah, those likely should just be available individually, and we’re going to slowly do things like that in the future, especially if people specifically ask for something to be split out.