Just going to chime in for a second


Just chiming in here for a second. I want to say to the developers of Clear Linux, awesome job! I have used many Linux distributions from Arch to Debian based and everything in between. I have to say, so far after initial install; everything is working flawlessly. I perceive a noticeable performance boost over the former and my boot times have been dramatically reduced; literally less than 10 seconds from LUKS password prompt to SDDM login. That is impressive in my book! I also have to say the Clear Linux package manager, swupd is on par if not best apt and or pacman. I could go on and on of what I find superior with Clear Linux but I think you get my point. Keep it up! Great job! Can’t wait to see what the future of Clear Linux has to offer.

Leo C. Bergamo


Agreed, I was afraid to brick my baby; but clear linux just worked (besides gpu fans, but that’s a different topic.

All in all, very impressed


Imo, is the best distro, that’s why I use it. There are a few hiccups, but as an experienced user, these can be fixed.

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