Clear Linux As A Primary OS

Hello all this is my first post wanted to give some feed back on my current system running Clear Linux as a primary OS so far it work very well running an i3 8100/Intel UHD 630 Graphics 12 GB ram 1 TB Storage. I was able to find all the apps from Flathub I used on a regular basis on other Distro’s. The speed by far is faster on Intel Hardware than it has been on any other Distro. I have even noticed a difference in the speed and fps in the some of the games I play on Linux on Steam. For example I can get around 70-120 FPS on Portal 2 on my Intel GPU. Below are some screenshots with my desktop using a custom wallpaper and icon theme.



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Thanks for sharing and welcome!

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Just wanted to post an update/feedback was able to get KDE installed works very good noted a slight performance hit on Plasma vs Gnome. With that being said performance is still on par with the tasks that I do compared to Gnome.


Hello everyone, I would like to add my experience as well. Using Clear Linux OS as my primary distro now on a Asus laptop / i5 6200 / Intel graphics / 6GB ram / 250GB SSD. Runs very fast on all applications I have used so far and I have not experienced a single crash or issue with anything as of yet after several months of use.

Thank You for such a great experience and keep up the great work! :+1: :sunglasses:!