Can't add rpm package to bundle with mixin

Following - to create bundle, it shows “ERROR: no such package” when running command - “sudo mixin package add xxx --bundle xxx-bundle”. There are 3 rpm packages under the current folder and only one rpm package fails with this error message.

So who can help on this? Thanks!

Attached the OS info:
$ swupd info
Installed version: 29250

@ahkok, @puneetse, @pmccarty, @btwarden can you help?

Double check that the RPMs are in the local repo folder you created in step #3. Running mixin repo list should show that folder marked as local.

If the package name has any odd characters, try quotes or escaping.

Note, mixin is considered obsolete.

The are only [a-z-] characters int this package name.

In the older version OS like 28500, it works. After updating to 29200, it fails.
If mixin is obsolete, what should I use?

When installing software on one machine, just install with make install into /usr/local. If you need to install and manage software for many machines, use mixer.

I just make a test to install the software to /usr/share/sgxsdk. For another rpm package(install to /usr/share/sgxpsw) it works, but for this one it doesn’t work. I think it is strange.

I got burnt by this a while back too, only to be told it was deprecated. Can I suggest a notice on the documentation (or removal of it?)

So do you have the same issue before and it is not resolved?

I had a similar issue, but didn’t continue troubleshooting once I learnt it was obsolete.

Got it.
Thanks for your quick reply.

Out of interest, what were you trying to mix? Is it for one system or many?

I’ve added to ensure that we update our documentation regarding mixin.

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Just for one system testing.

If using mixer -, I have a question. Right now there is a rpm package named A. So how to connect A with A-bundle just like mixin did - sudo mixin package add A --bundle A-bundle

You need to create your own bundles using mixer. Check the relevant sections of the mixer documentation - mixer bundle create and mixer bundle add is what you’re looking for.

Thanks! But I didn’t find any section that describes “mixer bundle create”. Could you please help to attach the URL here.

From this section:

You can see the relevant sections of the mixer manual is linked. Specifically, the bundle man page explains how to use the various bundle edit and create commands:

I followed this page to generate the image and start kvm with this image. And also I can use “swupd bundle-add” to add this bundle. However, after “bundle-add” I didn’t see the files installed.
So I have the question above -
“Right now there is a rpm package named A. So how to connect A with A-bundle just like mixin did - sudo mixin package add A --bundle A-bundle”