Custom mix with patched upstream

I am trying to build a custom bundle and than mix.

I could not find (or have missed it?) documentation regarding the inclusion
of a patched package which is included in vanilla-clear bundle.

To be more specific I want to create a bundle which includes patched qtbase (I have already rebuilt this from src.rpm, backports a 5.15 feature) and other packages.

Since some bundles already include qtbase, patched qtbase should override that.

Custom packages can be copied to the local-rpms directory in the mix workspace and the mixer add-rpms command can be used to create a local package repo. Packages in the local repo will override their upstream equivalents.

  1. $ mixer init
  2. Copy custom packages to <mix workspace path>/local-rpms
  3. $ mixer add-rpms
  4. $ sudo mixer build all
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