Change to Azure image offerings coming soon

As we streamline our content, we are making some changes to the Azure images we offer. These changes are expected to roll out next week.

We will be renaming the azure image to azure-hyperv and will be removing the hyperv, azure-machine-learning and azure-docker images.

See the migration path for each of the renamed/deprecated images in the table below:

The Change User Migration Path
Renaming azure image Use azure-hyperv
Removing hyperv image Use azure-hyperv as a generation 1 VM. Existing generation 2 VMs will continue working after this change
Removing azure-machine-learning image Use azure-hyperv and run swupd bundle-add machine-learning-basic
Removing azure-docker image Use azure-hyperv and run swupd bundle-add containers-basic

Note: The only difference between the gen1 and gen2 VMs is the distributed file format of the image and the initial bundle list. The kernels are the same. Content may be kept current with swupd update.