Changes to cloud and KVM Images

This change was announced on the Clear Linux dev mailing list:

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As we add more images to what is produced with every build of Clear Linux, we took a step back and revisited our image names to make sure we are properly differentiating them from one another.

To more clearly identify the purpose of our cloud images, we will now be naming them cloudguest.img and cloudguest-native.img. The cloud entry from latest-images.json will be removed and replaced with a cloudguest entry. This change, along with no longer producing cloud.img, will take place next Tuesday. The change to remove the cloudguest-native entry from latest-images.json has already been made because it is still considered a developmental image. The current version of cloudguest-native.img may still be found here:

We are also renaming the legacy-kvm image to kvm-legacy in order to follow an image naming strategy of -.img. This brings our KVM image names in line with our Azure image names. The entry in latest-images.json for the legacy-kvm image, kvm-legacy, will not change. Because the entry in latest-images.json did not change, this change has already been made. The existing legacy-kvm image will no longer be produced next Tuesday.

To support additional development, we have added the container-host and container-host-kvm images to enable workloads that expect to have Docker pre-installed. These are not present in latest-images.json because they are still considered developmental. They may be found in:

Additionally, in support of OSTS, Clear Linux began producing the Live Desktop and Live Server images. Together, these replace the functionality of the Live, Installer, and ISO images. For headless workloads, please migrate over to the Live Server image. For workloads with a head, please migrate over to the Live Desktop image. The Live, Installer, and ISO images have already been removed from latest-images.json and are no longer being produced because bugs in these images were not being fixed.

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