Clear Linux iPXE Server on a Common Distro

the current documentation provides instructions for how to setup a Clear Linux iPXE server on a Clear Linux machine, but this isn’t much help in a cloud environment that doesn’t offer Clear Linux and thus there’s no way to bootstrap a Clear Linux cluster with these instruction.

could you all provide instructions for how to accomplish this from a baseline Ubuntu or CentOS or whatever other common distro, so that we can bootstrap a fleet of Clear Linux machines in such an environment?

There are multiple guides out there for how to setup PXE servers on other OS machines e.g. Configuring PXE Network Boot Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or Ubuntu – Ultimate PXE Server Setup – BIOS & UEFI Support – Griffon's IT Library . These in combination with the information in Install Clear Linux OS Over the Network with iPXE — Documentation for Clear Linux* project should be enough to get you up and running.